Maxim Mela

Maxim Mela is the flagship event organized by MAXIM every year during Xpressions. Maxim Mela is a Disguised Marketing Research. The respondent(s) should not be aware of the theme of the research while conducting the research.

At Maxim Mela, the student, in groups, will put up stalls and desks at strategic locations that will be designed on a theme to attract visitors and engage a section of the audience through a series of innovative games and activities. The actual purpose behind such activities will be to monitor and record real-time, unbiased choices of the consumers about products, brands, seasonal offerings, distribution networks, etc. Later, a consolidated report with all the information gathered along with inputs from MAXIM, will be sent to associating companies for their study and analysis.

Maxim Mela is one of the best platforms to conduct a market research due to:

  • The huge footfalls for the 3 day mega event of Xpressions from different parts of the state & country.
  • It aims at providing in-depth analysis of customer preference for your product using

Disguised marketing.

  • Gamification techniques employed for an unbiased result.
  • Use of unconventional ways to connect with the masses
  • Students get a chance to understand the psyche of consumers and learn what adds to

effective marketing strategies to solve real world problems.

MAXIM successfully conducted Maxim Mela during Xpressions’16.

The game resembled a Mario set up so as to attract attention of the respondents. The story for the game began with describing a situation where Mario’s Granny has been kidnapped by Dragon and Mario Brothers are on a rescue voyage to get back their Granny. Dragon has trapped her in a “Mystic Jungle” which is guarded by the different wildlings (Team Dragon). In order to reach to Granny, Mario Brothers had to overcome different hurdles in the pathway. The game began by dividing the respondents into two groups, one representing the Mario Brothers and the other team Dragon. At each stage, the two teams competed with each other on various fronts and the winning team accumulated points. One point is equivalent to one ball which will be needed at the end during feeding the Dragon. While the game unfolded, the teams unknowingly answered our questions pertaining to their:

  • Acceptance of the Moneyforhealth Cashback idea and their spending preferences.
  • Taste, choice of label, jar and tag.


Maxim Mela