“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”


In the world of business, expecting the unexpected is one of the cornerstones to a successful strategy. In this ever-changing environment of innovation and stark disruption, staying ahead of your completion becomes especially relevant when think of the importance that any competitive advantage brings to an enterprise. The words mentioned above by Peter Drucker especially ring true in the world of Marketing and Advertising, one of the most volatile and temperamental facets of doing business. As any business-savvy person can tell you, “In business, competition can come from anywhere”.

At XIM Bhubaneswar, newly christened management students get one of their first glimpses into Marketing and by extension, the world of business at MERCATIQUE. Mercatique is the Annual Marketing Business Conclave organized by MAXIM, The Marketing Association of XIMB and one of the oldest and more distinguished committees on campus. More often than not, it is held during the first week of August each year, jolting the new students into acclimatizing themselves into the fast moving world of corporate commerce.

The topics chosen for the dissertations at Mercatique are always current and hold great relevance with respect to industry climates, practices, technologies and much more. Hosting industry experts and the distinguished faculty of XIMB as the panel, Mercatique acts as an interface for students to actually listen to them and interact with the luminaries. They get insights into new industry trends, problems plaguing the marketing world, advertising and marketing know-how straight from industry leaders. Such first-hand knowledge is rare and often invaluable.

This year, Mercatique 2016 was held on the 7th of August, the result of months of hard work and dedication from the MAXIM core committee of 2016-2017. It featured faces such Mr. Sujoy Chakraborty, Vice President, TATA Sky Ltd, Mr. Bidyut Nath – Head, Principal – Retail & Loyalty, TATA Insights & Quants and Ms. Madhu Joshi, Director – Marketing & Communication, Hotel Formule 1 Pan India, Accor Hotels. The topic chosen was “Driving Customer Loyalty in the Digital Age”, a topic of great relevance in this age of instant and freely available information. Moderated by Dr. M.N. Tripathi, Professor of Marketing at XIMB, the discussion was animated, detailed and fruitful. The attendees gained information on concepts such as Customer profiles, Engagement, Loyalty and much more. Questions were asked and answered in full, enriching the minds of the students making them much more biz-savvy.

All in all, business conclaves are part and parcel of the academic rigour here at XIMB and Mercatique remains one of the most important events on the calendar. The amount of effort needed in terms of choice of speaker profiles, topics, logistics and plain hard work is monumental and hence, the event itself retains the high standards of quality that have come to be a part of the status quo.

 Mercatique 2016