Maxinations 2018

MAXINATIONS 2018. A legacy that saw birth as an Advertising game (Ad-Mad) in 1992 has traversed over a decade and now dawns upon us all as the most exciting Marketing event seen in the portals of this hallowed institute.

The Prize: The covetedMAXINATIONS Shield.
The Contestants: 8 Hostel Blocks (A, B, C, D,E, MTR, Cenderet & GR2).

Nothing brings together the XIMB family as much as the three action-packed days of MAXINATIONS – Each block will become pillars of camaraderie and teamwork. The competition will be severe, mingled with a sense of compassion for members comrades and a level of sportsmanship befitting the participant of this grand event.

Note: For ” Block Launch”, a penaltywill be levied on all blocks except A block for not following the rules as per Maxinations Rule Doc Day 0. D block has been disqualified from Audi events.

By Winning this event, B Block has won “Tangled Letter”

By Winning Audi Events, C Block has won “Death Note”

“Spartacus” penalty will be updated later.
No Penalty on any block during “Big Little lies”. D block was disqualified

Plato-o-plomo: Transgression penalty for all Blocks except Cenderet. D block disqualified.

“Everyone Hates Chris” GR2, MTR, CENDERET,B Block ,A Block & D Block receive penalty.

“True Detective” MTR faced penalty.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire” CENDERET applied Samurai Jack Card1.
“So You Think You can Dance” C Block applied Samurai Jack Card 1.

“Saturday Night Live” C block applied Samurai Jack Card 2. B block applied “Tangled Letter” on C block.

“Breaking Band” A,B,E & MTR faced penalties

Note: The Scores are inclusion of penalties. Penalties has been applied tonight.

Other score updates in progress.

Maxinations 2018 Score card

Score Card Cumulative at end of every event with inclusion of penalties.
Block Launch045-5-520-5-5-5
Audi Events04545-540-10-10-5
Big Little Lies150195145-5140140-10-5
The Shot150275145-5240190-10-5
Everyone Hates Chris360261.25287.75-5.25323280.565-5.25
So You Think You Can Dance360343.19
TRUE DETECTIVE360403.19231.84-7.88259.95239.7398.542.26
Last Man Standing410503.19231.8472.13259.95239.7398.542.26
Who wants to be a millionaire510553.19306.8472.13
Game of Thrones510688.19506.8472.13489.95239.737642.26
Saturday Night Live336743.19477.5668.52530.96227.7568.4040.15
Breaking Band336893.19577.5668.52451.31257.3328.4040.15
Family Feud319.20848.53577.5668.52451.31
TOTAL SCORES319.20848.53577.5668.52451.31307.3353.4040.15