Smart City Initiative

MAXIM had the great opportunity of being a part of this unique experience. We were given the task for conducting market research on mobility solutions and create citizen engagement to boost the social media activity of Smart City Bhubaneswar page. This was held from 31st Oct- 10th November across 18 locations in the city with a team of 120 volunteers. The base camp for the event was set up in Market Building, Bhubaneswar on November 1st, 2015. Volunteers traveled around the city talking to people and asking them to pose with the ‘Smart City Bhubaneswar’ placards. The young citizens were encouraged to post pictures on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #SmartCityBBSR. Residents filled a questionnaire as to voice their opinions about various mobility solutions proposed by government.After a proper analysis report was submitted to Bhubaneswar Municipal, who utilized the data in their proposal to central government.

On 28th January 2016, the government announced the first batch of 20 cities from among the 98 cities that were selected in the first stage of the scheme. The hard work of the Government, the citizens, and the students paid off when Bhubaneswar topped this list. It was a moment of immense pride and joy to see our city on the top of the list. Bhubaneswar finally would receive the required funding it had been lacking since long. Although the path to success is time taking and requires an immense amount of hard work, it is a great start for the city and like Frederick Douglass said, without a struggle , there can be no progress.
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